Before the shoot starts you get your own make-over, by having your hair and make-up done by a professional. You also get professional advice on the styling.

While taking pictures I give you directions, I coach you through the session, on how to pose, facial expressions and so much more. And most of all, we make this session fun and filled with laughter.

My goal is to make you walk out the door after the photoshoot feeling proud, feeling gorgeous, feeling confident.
And to make you say these words when you get your pictures revealed: ‘Wauw, is that me?’
Yes, that is you! Be proud of it!


How do I book a boudoir or glamour session?
If you are interested in booking a glamour or boudoir session, feel free to fill out the contact form and to let me know all of your questions. I will gladly send you all the info you need.

How long beforehand do I need to book the session?
Since my schedule is always pretty full as a photographer, wife and mommy of two boys, I would suggest you to book your session several weeks in advance. Especially when it is meant as a gift to your husband to be or for another special occasion. I like to give all my clients’ pictures the same amount of time and attention rather than having to rush through them.

I have cellulite /scars /stretch marks/…. Can you do anything about that?
First of all a lot of things are already ‘camouflaged’ by using the right posing and lighting. However every picture get’s carefully edited and adjusted in a natural way where needed.

What about the privacy of the pictures?
The only pictures that will be shown on my website/ blog/ facebook page will be the ones you agree with! I understand that especially a boudoir session is quite intimate and private and you might not feel comfortable sharing it. I will carefully discuss with you which pictures can and can’t be used.

What about outfits for the shoot? Do I provide them myself?
–Boudoir: you will have to bring your own lingerie, shoes, accessories,… Chose for colors and shapes that complement your body type. If you need any ideas feel free to check my Pinterest moodboard:
–Glamour: I have a few glamour dresses available at the studio. However you will be asked to bring a few outfits yourself. If you need any ideas feel free to check my Pinterest moodboard:

Where will the session take place?
It can either be at our studio, your house, a nice hotel, or another suitable location. I do prefer to work with natural light so I’ll always choose for a location with the best light. I prefer not to use flashes for boudoir or glamour photography.

make-up and hair styling is included in every photoshoot
pictures are ready within 4 weeks after the shoot
part of the photoshoot will be delivered in black and white, the main part will be in color
If you have any further questions, feel free to send me an email!